Scientific Publications

Antitumour efficacy of chymotrypsinogen and trypsinogen

P. Hernández, E. López-Ruiz, M. A. García, J. A. Marchal, J. Kenyon, M. Perán*

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In vitro treatment of carcinoma cell lines with pancreatic (pro)enzymes suppresses the EMT programme and promotes cell differentiation

Macarena Perán, Juan Antonio Marchal, Maria A. García, Julian Kenyon & David Tosh

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A formulation of pancreatic pro-enzymes provides potent anti-tumour efficacy: a pilot study focused on pancreatic and ovarian cancer

Macarena Perán, Elena López-Ruiz, María Ángel García, Shorena Nadaraia-Hoke, Ralf Brandt, Juan A. Marchal & Julian Kenyon

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